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Summer is here! Time for the pool, popsicles and…birthday parties! Many of my friend’s children and my son are summer babies, so it feels like when the school year winds down, the birthday party “season” revs up. Once the cake has been eaten and the presents have been opened, there is still some work left […]

Anyone who has to work from home would like to work in a space that is bright, inspiring, and functional.  My husband, Alex, and I rotate on days where we each work from home and we have created a functional space that works for us both. Here are our top 3 tips for creating an […]

As an adult, I have struggled to find meaningful social events that take place on a regular basis and include spouses. There are only so many restaurants, bars, and Starbucks you can visit before it seems monotonous. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good wine bar, but in your 30s how do you […]