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Summer is here! Time for the pool, popsicles and…birthday parties! Many of my friend’s children and my son are summer babies, so it feels like when the school year winds down, the birthday party “season” revs up. Once the cake has been eaten and the presents have been opened, there is still some work left to do…the thank you notes. Getting the thank you notes out the door may feel a daunting task when a) your children cannot write, so it is your responsibility and b) there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done–but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few tips for making the process of writing your young child’s thank you notes a little bit easier and more enjoyable:

1) Have fun with their stationery! There are so many unique and adorable options out there. Stray from the traditional and find something that seems to suit your child’s personality. My favorite local spot is definitely Paper Twist in Myers Park. From personalized stationery to unique wrapping paper, they have all of your paper needs to make gift giving (and receiving) even more fun!
If you are not local to Charlotte, one of my favorite online brands is Haute Papier – their monogram options are endless, but their envelope liners take the cake! I tend to first find an envelope liner that I love (for my son it is safari animals, and for my daughter, swans princesses), and then find a complementary monogram.
2) When writing in your child’s voice, keep it light-hearted! If your child is a new talker and refers to the gifted toy in gibberish, mention that! If your child refuses to wear any pajamas other than the ones given to them, tell the gifter! Life with a toddler can be hilarious and downright absurd at times, so feel free to bring a little humor into the note – laughing is good for the soul.
3) Keep it short and sweet. Do not put pressure on yourself to write a novel. We all know there is only so much you can say about Magnatiles (as wonderful as they are!)
4) It is never too late to send a thank you note. I think the saying “better late than never” really applies to handwritten notes- no matter how late, they are always appreciated.
5) If all else fails, an email, text, or call will always suffice! What is most important is conveying your gratitude.
Pour a glass of rosé, and let the summer thank you note writing begin! And thank you to my favorite local paper and stationery store, Paper Twist in Myers Park, for the great samples!



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