Creating a Home Office You Actually Want to Work In

Anyone who has to work from home would like to work in a space that is bright, inspiring, and functional.  My husband, Alex, and I rotate on days where we each work from home and we have created a functional space that works for us both. Here are our top 3 tips for creating an amazing home office space!

1). Lighting.  Choose a room for your office that gets good natural sunlight.  If you must be inside working, at least you are able to enjoy the outside sunshine and scenery from inside.  Plus working in a bright, happy room is motivating. For our windows, I chose plantation shutters so that I could open them and let in more light from time to time.  Whether you choose shutters, large blinds or minimal curtains that can be drawn or pulled back, letting in natural light is key to a good work environment.

For our light fixture, I chose a shaded chandelier.  I wanted the room to be traditional, but still young, and I felt the shades on each bulb gave the room an “office” feel.  We also have two table lamps, one large floor lamp, and a desk lamp. Having lighting options no matter where you are in the room is important to make every corner functional.

2). Add your personal style.  In our office, we have several items that bring us joy.  These items are not only pretty but motivational. When you look around and see framed pictures of yourself on vacations, that motivates you to keep working.  We have built-in bookcases in our office and they are filled with books, greenery, and special items, like our set of Staffordshire dogs that we received as a wedding gift.  Making the office space feel personal is important as the more personal the room feels, the more comfortable you will be.

3). Make it functional – it is an office after all.  We chose a large desk with pull-out extensions on each end.  We are able to use our laptops and portable second monitor if needed.  The desk has plenty of leg room and a large opening for the comfortable, armed desk chair.  Across from the desk we have a loveseat and rolling ottoman. Sometimes, when reading, or when taking a break from sitting up straight in the desk chair, it is nice to have a seating option.  This also allows a space for Alex or I to “visit” the other when one of us is working. I often lay on the loveseat or kick my feet up on the ottoman. We are sure to stock the desk with all office necessities, stationery, paper, pens – keeping them out of sight but only a drawer away.   

A home office is a room that balances functionality and style.  When designing your own home office, keep in mind these three tips and you (and your husband) will enjoy working in the space.  

xo, Ashley

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