Why “Good Taste with Cate + Co.”

New city. New decade. Blank slate. What’s on deck? Moving to Charlotte and officially in my 30s, I have reflected on what I need more of and what I need less. Like many say, things are clearer in your 30s. And I’m excited for what everyone advises will be “the best years of my life”.

I used to pour into things that, at this point in my life, aren’t worth my energy. Now, I’m ready to settle in and just live this awesome life I have been given. I know who I am, I know what I want and that is incredibly freeing.

But, even with all of this self-awareness and confidence, I often find myself with more questions than answers. This “adult” life brings “adult” sized problems and “adult” sized responsibilities. While I know that I am capable to handle them, I am also wise enough to know that I need help in doing so. A well researched and executed plan of action means less opportunity for mistakes and less likelihood that you will have to face this situation again. But if you do, you’ll have the toolbox to face it head on.

I am college educated with some post graduate education and still I am shocked at how unprepared I have been with some of the life obstacles I have faced—savings, taxes, buying a home, educating my children, home design/function, etc. I have made some major mistakes like saving for a down payment on our first home and then struggling to make mortgage payments or opting for a discount couch that broke down after 2 years and having to then buy another one, you name it—we did it.

During the everydays of life, I am confronted with unexpected situations that lead to me calling my collection of wise women—who have been there, done that and can advise me from experience. My own 411 hotline. From wedding guest etiquette to 401k advice, I’ve got someone who knows their stuff. I have gotten myself through many obstacles, a lot of heartache and come out the other side stronger and more prepared for adulting.
Things that would make my 20-something self say “you go girl!”.

Life is easier with a wise woman on your side and I know not everyone is as fortunate to have good company like me. I have made it my mission with Good Taste with Cate & Co to band together these wise women to share from their experiences and expertise to make life a little clearer, simpler & fuller for all who need some shoulders to stand on.


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