Welcome to Good Taste. I’m Cate and these are my people who help me in all realms of life. Life as a 30-something brings all sorts of exciting new endeavors—marriage, kids, new homes and lots of big changes. At Good Taste, we aim to bring you advice in home design, life hacks and tips on how we try to balance it all. After owning a bakery in Chicago for 7 years, I moved back South and I’m thrilled to be home. When talking with friends, we decided there needed to be a space for those looking for help navigating big life changes—home, social and work related. I definitely don’t have all of the answers, but I know lots of people who do! This is a space for collaboration to create community as we do life together and how to do it right.


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We are a strong community of women who offer lifestyle advice and solutions for home design, work/life balance, and all around hostessing.

After years of living in the Northeast and Midwest, my family has settled back into the South and I am thrilled. Being back home, my days are filled with nostalgia and I long to fill my children’s memories with the same sentiments.

When I look back at the ease at which those who went before me did it all, I swear I cannot figure how each of them pulled it off. The merriest parties, the most delectable food and the comfiest yet most gorgeous homes. Everything about these women I admire symbolizes warmth, grace and an undeniable sense of welcome for everyone who walks into their lives.

Now, in our thirties, we are slammed with the reality that now is the time to create the life we have always wanted for ourselves. If not now, when? And what does that look like exactly? At times it seems overwhelming and like a stressful chase for solutions for the never ending (and unexpected) issues. I don’t know it all, but I bet someone in this community does. We have learned to lean on those we trust with experience and expertise, and hope by bringing these pros into your life it will make everything you aim to achieve easier and more feasible.

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New city. New decade. Blank slate. What’s on deck? Moving to Charlotte and officially in my 30s, I have reflected on what I need more of and what I need less. Like many say, things are clearer in your 30s. And I’m excited for what everyone advises will be “the best years of my life." I used to pour into things that, at this point in my life....

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